God’s Gift of  FREEDOM…

For so many people today they have Addictions that are ruining their lives, stealing all the money, family relationships, and their own health, life itself. The root cause of these ADDICTIONS are deep seeded SIN. For some call them generational curses...BUT really it ALL goes back to the original curse when Adam & Eve the first man & woman caused sin to come to All humanity by Disobedience.

Addictions are like cancers eating away at people’s souls where they have no Peace of mind, no quality of Life, where they struggle to have money to support  their family they use it on their addictions and so on...THE GOOD NEWS If that is YOU...YOU can be set FREE…YES FREE INDEED!!!

Which is one of the Greatest Gifts!!! God’s Holy Word says in John 8:36 ‘If the SON (Jesus Christ the SON of God) therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed...Your Addiction Will BE GONE!!! Place your life, your Hope, your Trust, in Jesus the SON of GOD ...He Will Set you Free...to live Life FREELY!!! God’s Word says to Ask and you shall receive. God desires to give you FREEDOM & Healing of mind,heart,soul & body. God’s word also says in Isaiah 58:6-7 That GOD desires to Break your addictions!!! He desires to Break the Bands, Chains,& Bondages OFF your life!!! To set you FREE!!! So Come to God Trust him & Obey Him, then watch your Addictions GO AWAY...Now you have to do your part … By FaithThrow away your Drugs, Porno materials, your Alcohol...Throw it away!!! By Faith say: Jesus I believe what your word says...I Recieve your Word as the truth and my healing...it will set me free...by Faith & Obedience I throw this junk away!!! Now Set me FREE !!! Lord I ask this in Jesus name...amen...Lord you tell us in Isaiah 53:5 that you were wounded with stripes to heal me...I Believe by your stripes  Lord Jesus I am healed, my mind is healed, my body is healed, I believe my Soul is healed...by your great sacrifice, the beating you took at Calvary, you did it for me. Thank you Jesus!!! I Receive my Healing...now & Forever...In Jesus Christ the Son of GOD’s name...I Believe and I receive my Freedom Healing... amen Read more scriptures Romans 6:18 Being then made FREE from SIN Bondages/ addictions you become the servants of Righteousness. Now you need to start walking in the newness of Christ Jesus and Live your LIFE for HIM every day Pray to Him, Read the Bible the new Living Translation Bible is a good one to start with...and Be a Soul Winner, testify tell  your friends and tell people what the Lord has done for you...May God Bless you on your new journey of FREEDOM … you can also read these scriptures

Romans 8:1-14, 2 Timothy 3:17, Galatians 5:13