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Who needs Salvation???

Everybody, All Humans need Salvation… When we die, our Souls will face God for judgment for all the good and bad that we have done in this life. But don’t think that your good will out weigh all the bad in your life and you will go to heaven on your good merits … because Jesus said the Only way to go to Heaven is to Know HIM as Savior, Lord. and GOD...He Said that HE(Jesus the SON of GOD) is the Way,Truth, and Life...and No one will go to His Father’s House in Heaven BUT by HIM

Christ) St. John 14:6-11.

You See that in the beginning of time  GOD Created man and woman Adam and Eve perfect...But then they committed SIN which cause them to be contaminated, unacceptable to go to Heaven. When Adam and Eve had children their Sin was past on in their Bloodline DNA, which made All Humans born from the beginning of time contaminated.  God said Without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin...so Jesus came to earth, born as a perfect babe,grew up as God in Human form and He died for US ALL... GOD’s word says there is none righteous no not one...we have all sinned and come short of the Glory(Heaven) of GOD...That is why we all need a Savior… a Perfect one with perfect Bloodline, to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.God LOVED us so much He sent Jesus His Holy Son to be our Savior...HE Died for us and on the third day he came back to life resurrecting from the dead, being seen by over 500 people all together, appearing to His disciples several times in 40 days eating and dining with them, showing them His Scars, and Proved to them beyond any doubt that HE Is the RISEN LORD...then He appeared to  a group of them on the 40th day showing all proof that HE IS LORD. HE then went up to Heaven and clouds received Him up recorded in the book of Acts.

In the 14th chapter of Book of John He said these words that “He Will come again”to receive All those who make HIM Savior of their life, He said He is going away to prepare a place for all His people and where he is that ALL of His people, those who make him Savior will be with Him in Heaven... Do you Know Him as Lord and Savior? Would you like to receive Salvation? And make him Lord of your life ? This will be the Most Important decision of your Life. If you do believe that Jesus died for you, rose from the grave, sits on the right hand of the Power of GOD making intercession for you and you want to make Jesus your Savior & Lord of your life now & forever  Pray the prayer below, and WELCOME to the family of God!!!

Dear Heavenly Father, I Thank you for sending JESUS Christ your

Holy son, to save me. I believe he died, and was crucified on the

cross of Calvary, on the third day he resurrected from the grave and

He lives forever more. I believe that he  died for me that I might Live.

and I believe its by His Blood I am redeemed from the curse of sin

and the grave. I receive him as my Savior and LORD...Now and

forever...AMEN! If you prayed this prayer you are now born again i

into the family of GOD...Welcome to the family of GOD.

Please stay in contact with us as we try to post additional Bible

teachings that will help you on your journey following on to know

JESUS as LORD of your Life...

 Thank you...God Bless!